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Kaclik Builders LLC was founded in 1987 by Christopher Kaclik. A Pittsburgh native and son of an architect, Chris became interested in building at a young age. Upon graduating high-school, he joined an electricians union in the city. From there, Chris started to teach himself every skill needed to build a home. Starting with renovation projects and advancing to additions, he eventually began working with clients to build fully custom homes from the ground up.

Fast forward more than three decades, and Kaclik Builders is now one of the premier builders and developers in the Pittsburgh area. Being "hands on" has always been engrained into the company. Chris learned from being on the job site and that's still where you'll find him.

We pride ourselves on our down-to-earth approach to building. We truly want you to understand what you are building and we're always here to discuss every decision with you -- big and small.

We know how to build a solid house and are always trying to build better, smarter, and more efficiently as technology grows and products continue to advance. We work with a select group of trusted partners and suppliers who keep us up-to-date with the best products on the market. There are no short cuts in the way we build, we are always trying to exceed our own standard.


Building your dream home requires a lot of trust, we work hard from our initial meeting to your move in date to gain that trust and confidence. We take our projects and our relationships personally when you build with us, it's a true partnership from beginning to end. We build to last you a lifetime of creating memories -- in a home you love with the ones you love the most.



Our goal is to be your builder for life.


New Houses

Chris kaclik

Owner & President

Chris is an easy going, but never-take-no-for-an-answer kind of guy. He's hardly ever satisfied, but in the way that he's always trying to achieve the highest and best level of everything he does. He's constantly pushing the limit to figure out new ways to make things possible for our customers.


Jeff smith

CFO & Project Manager

Jeff is a licensed Certified Public Accountant. He is not a sit-behind-the-desk CFO, you will find him on site 1-2 days a week, as he also helps to assist the rest of the team with monitoring quality, contracts, change orders, budgets, schedules and anything else along the way.

Working Tools

charlie jones

Estimator & Project Manager

Involved in every decision along the way, Charlie coordinates and keeps track of all the information coming from the owners, the suppliers, the sub-contractors and everyone in between. His easy going personality sets customer's minds at ease even on the most stressful days.

Work Desk

nancy kaclik

In-house Real Estate Professional

Nancy became a licensed Real Estate Agent in 1998. She's as experienced as they come when it comes to working with buyers and sellers. The knowledge she's gained from helping clients buy and sell land, residential homes and commercial properties has prepared her for anything thrown her way.

Carpenter's Tools

paula rouda


Paula understands all of the ins and outs of the construction world. She keeps everyone in line and on schedule, makes sure things are operating in a way that's most efficient and productive, and can basically solve any issue that ever comes up. She's truly the glue that holds it all together.


jeff bryant


Jeff has been in the business for a long time. He runs a clean jobsite and is always looking at everything with a fine-toothed comb. He's there to answer any questions, but his main specialty is making you laugh. He makes this process really enjoyable, and the clients know they're in great hands.


ryan nearhoff

Project Manager

Bio coming soon!

Dirt Construction Site

our team

All the guys that make it happen

We truly couldn't do it without them. And we wouldn't want to either. We thoroughly respect all of the hardworking individuals that work on our homes and they respect us, too. We hold them to the highest standard out there and they always deliver.

Together, we'll keep building.

Electric Saw_edited.jpg

shane kaclik

Engineer & Project Manager

Shane is a licensed Professional Engineer. He works to make sure everything development-wise is running smoothly. He's the guy finding land, engineering the utility lines and working with the township, borough and/or city to get everything approved and keep the job moving forward.

Renovation Tools

brian seger


Bio coming soon!

Wood Frame of House

taylor kaclik


With a design degree from Parsons in New York City, Taylor has spent her entire post-graduate career honing her skills in color theory, materiality, and spacial design. She really focuses on figuring out exactly what the customer want and makes sure it can be integrated into their new home.

A team is not a group of people who work together but a team is a group of people who trust each other.

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